Frontiers in Quantum Matter Workshop: Electric Dipole Moments

Systems that contain electric charges may have an intrinsic electric dipole moment (EDM). These moments, that violate the fundamental symmetries parity and time-reversal, provide one of the most sensitive probes of Beyond Standard Model (BSM) physics. Many popular BSM theories have already been excluded by setting robust experimental upper limits on EDMs. In addition, EDMs require CP violation and are thus a superb probe of the origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry in our Universe.

The theoretical challenge in EDM physics is how to connect the measurements in neutrons, atoms, and molecules to the CP-violating parameters of the underlying theory. This requires state-of-the-art many-body calculations at several different energy scales and thus across disciplines to connect new ground-breaking measurements to CP-violating parameters at the most fundamental level.

An interdisciplinary workshop on EDMs will be held at the ANU from 25-27 November, supported by the Frontiers in Quantum Matter initiative of the Research School of Physics and Engineering. It will start Monday 25th November at 2pm and is expected to conclude Wednesday 27th at 4pm.

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Mon 25 Nov 2019 – Wed 27 Nov 2019



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Staff, students and public welcome