RSPhys Chemical Purchasing

As part of the improvements to WHS across the University, RSPhys has a process on purchasing, storing and the use of chemicals in the Research School. Please read the section on Chemical Safety on the RSPhys SharePoint for further chemical safety protocols: 

RSPhys Chemical Safety & CMS

Purchase of new chemicals

Information and documents on Chemical Purchasing can be found on the RSPhys WHS Sharepoint.

Chemical Purchasing


Purchase of replacement chemicals (restocking)

All replacement chemicals are to have a fully completed Hazardous Chemicals Purchasing Form attached to the purchase request – for the first request only.

Check and update the following as required:

Store staff purchasing steps

  1. Need to have a completed Hazardous Chemicals Purchasing Form with the purchase request.  If this form is completed, then confirmation regarding purchase is not required from RSPhys WHS staff.  If there are any queries, please contact the end user/supervisor in the first instance, then RSPhys WHS staff.
  2. Need to confirm that the chemical is listed in ChemWatch in the correct quantity and location.  Double checking sections C & D in the form.

It is not necessary for you to sight the General Hazard Management Form or Safe Work Procedures.  E

Ensure that Section E is completed with “YES” to Q 8 to 11, including details for storage (to assist with Chemwatch).

  1. Please forward completed forms to once you have sited them.
  2. Process the purchase request.
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