Departmental Seminar

Study of reactions with the weakly bound projectile 9Be

C. Palshetkar

Dr C. Palshetkar
Nuclear Physics Department

Study of reaction mechanisms with weakly bound nuclei is of interest to understand the dynamics of nuclei near the drip lines and also to understand nucleo-synthesis processes. Due to the low breakup threshold energies of these nuclei it is expected that the breakup channel would have a significant effect on different reaction channels. This has been rigorously investigated in the last two decades from which two main observations- the breakup threshold anomaly in the optical model potential and the suppression of complete fusion cross-sections as compared to model calculations, have been found. In the presentation, experiments carried out with the weakly bound 9Be projectile and a medium mass 89Y target, to investigate the effect of breakup of 9Be on the elastic and fusion channels, will be presented.

Date & time

Mon 16 Sep 2013, 11am–12.30pm


Nuclear Physics Seminar Room, Building 57, West end of Garran Road


Staff, students and public welcome