Applied Mathematics Endowment

The Applied Mathematics Endowment was seeded through proceeds from the sale of the Department’s first spin-off company, Lithicon, in 2014. The Endowment will allow us to continue our tradition of encouraging creative thinking across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The endowment fund will support the Barry Ninham Chair of Natural Sciences and the Stjepan Marcelja Visiting Fellowship.

Barry Ninham Chair of Natural Sciences

The Chair is awarded to an academic who exemplifies this mandate. Professor Stephen Hyde is the inaugural recipient.

Stjepan Marcelja Visiting Fellowship

The Stjepan Marcelja Visiting Fellowship will enable up to five visiting researchers from anywhere in the world every year to work in the Department. It has long been recognised that the high flux of international visitors greatly enriches the atmosphere and adds to the breadth of discovery. Reciprocal visits for staff and students also build stronger career opportunities. Equally, collaborations benefit from shared research infrastructure between institutions.

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Endowment Brochure Download the brochure (PDF, 396KB)

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