Stjepan Marcelja Visiting Fellowship

Stjepan Marcelja

The Stjepan Marcelja Visiting Fellowship will enable up to five visiting researchers from anywhere in the world every year to work in the Department. It has long been recognised that the high flux of international visitors greatly enriches the atmosphere and adds to the breadth of discovery. Reciprocal visits for staff and students also build stronger career opportunities. Equally, collaborations benefit from shared research infrastructure between institutions.


The Department of of Applied Mathematics is delighted to announce the recipients of the Stjepan Marcelja fellowship for two recent rounds of applications: 2018 and round 1 2019. The Marcelja Fellowship, named in honour of Stjepan Marcelja, provides financial support for visitors to the Department to conduct fundamental science research.

From a field of very strong applications the following candidates have been awarded the Marcelja Fellowships:

Round 1 2019

Round 1 2018

Round 2 2018

Round 1 2017

Round 2 2016

Round 1 2016

Round 2 2015

Round 1 2015