Stjepan Marcelja Visiting Fellowship

Stjepan Marcelja

The Stjepan Marcelja Visiting Fellowship will enable up to five visiting researchers from anywhere in the world every year to work in the Department. It has long been recognised that the high flux of international visitors greatly enriches the atmosphere and adds to the breadth of discovery. Reciprocal visits for staff and students also build stronger career opportunities. Equally, collaborations benefit from shared research infrastructure between institutions.


The Department of of Applied Mathematics is delighted to announce the recipients of the Stjepan Marcelja fellowship for two recent rounds of applications: 2018 and round 1 2019. The Marcelja Fellowship, named in honour of Stjepan Marcelja, provides financial support for visitors to the Department to conduct fundamental science research.

From a field of very strong applications the following candidates have been awarded the Marcelja Fellowships:

Round 1 2019

  • Marie-Christine Zdora from University College London and the Diamond Light Source to visit for 2 weeks at the end of 2019 to work with Andrew Kingston and Glenn Myers on 'Speckle-tracking phase contrast X-ray tomography'
  • Daniel Swetz from NIST (US) to visit for one month in Dec 2019 or June 2020 to work with Wilfred Fullagar on "X-ray tomographic techniques in systems that use superconducting microcalorimeter x-ray detectors"


  • Dr. Kaye Morgan from Monash University to visit during 2019 to work with Andrew Kingston and Glenn Myers on "Phase contrast X-ray tomography using structured illumination"
  • A/Prof Jakob Kierkensgaard from the University of Copenhagen to visit in November 2018 to work with Vanessa Robins on "Persistent homology to investigate soft matter structure and phase transitions"
  • Dr Sungyeon Hong from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) to visit during 2019 to work with Mohammad Saadatfar on "Topological data analysis to study hyperuniform states of matter" - (Sungyeon isn't able to accept the fellowship but will instead by starting soon in AM as a PhD scholar)

Round 1 2017

  • Dr Marco Endrizzi, University College London, March 2017
    New techniques in iterative tomographic image reconstruction
    Hosts: Andrew Kingston and Glenn Myers
  • Dr Martin De Jonge, The Australian Synchrotron, March 2017
    Applications of synchrotron X-ray fluorescence and microscopy in the biological sciences
    Hosts: Andrew Kingston and Glenn Myers
  • Prof. Herbert Edelsbrunner, Institute of Science and Technology Austria, March 2017
    Deriving grain-scale information in granular materials using persistence homology
    Hosts: Mohammad Saadatfar, Vanessa Robins

Round 2 2016

  • Mr Fabian Schaller, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
    Experimental and theoretical studies of compaction in granular packings
    Host: Mohammad Saadatfar, Vanessa Robins
  • Associate Professor Naoyuki Ishida, Okayama University, Japan
    Nanobubbles in bulk and on surfaces
    Host: Vince Craig

Round 1 2016

  • Dr Elisabetta Matsumoto, Harvard University, May 2016
    Self-assembly of weavings with controllable geometry and topology
    Host: Vanessa Robins
  • Dr Martin Cramer Pederson, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), June-December 2016
    Quasi-crystalline structures in soft/condensed matter systems
    Host: Stephen Hyde
  • Ms Rebecca Paustian, Oregon State University, USA, September-October 2016
    Mathematical modelling the influence of porous medium geometry on dispersion
    Host: Anna Herring
  • Mr Masoud Parvanian, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, July-Dec 2016
    Porous ceramic structures for use in solar reactors
    Host: Mohammad Saadatfar
  • Dr Imants Svalbe, Monash University, 26-30 September 2016
    Sparse sampling strategies for image acquisition and discrete Radon transforms for synthetic aperture radar
    Host: Andrew Kingston

Round 2 2015

  • Mr Fabian Schaller, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) November 2015
    The Minkowski Tensors as descriptors of shape in granular materials
    Host: Mohammad Saadatfar
  • Dr Ira Cooke, La Trobe University, November 2015
    Voluminous, sticky and toxic; the wonderful world of slime
    Host: Adrian Sheppard
  • Dr Gerd Schroeder-Turk, Curtin University, November 2015
    Chitin nanostructures in green butterflies
    Host: Vanessa Robins
  • Prof. Dr. Ana Suncana-Smith, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) January 2016
    Applications of geometry to biological tissue
    Hosts: Stephen Hyde, Holger Averdunk
  • Prof. Christophe Oguey, University of Strasbourg (France) Feb-Mar 2016
    Hyperbolic tilings and quasicrystals
    Host: Stephen Hyde

Round 1 2015

  • Professor Jean-Marc di Meglio, University Paris-Diderot (France) June-July 2015
    From earthworms to molecular manipulation: eclectic topics in physics and chemistry
    Host: Prof. Tim Senden
  • Dr Martin Cramer Pederson, University of Copenhagen (Denmark) (joint with the Carlsberg Foundation) June-December 2015,
    Quasi-crystalline structures in soft/condensed matter systems
    Host: Prof. Stephen Hyde
  • Dr Wu Bo, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, September 2015
    Surface and osmotic forces in high-molecular weight solutions
    Host: Vince Craig
  • Dr Yasuaki Hiraoka, AIMR Tohoku University (Japan), January 2016
    Relating persistent homology and mechanics in granular assemblies
    Host: Vanessa Robins and Mohammad Saadatfar

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