Professor Yuri Kivshar

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Position Distinguished Professor
Department Fundamental & Theoretical Physics
Research group Non-linear physics centre
Office phone (02) 612 53081
Office Physics New 2 05
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Engineering optical chirality with nanotechnology

Many phenomena in nature, including multiple chemical and biological processes, are governed by the fundamental property of chirality. An object is called chiral when its mirror image cannot be superimposed with the original object. Many examples of chirality can be found in nature, from seashells to DNA molecules.

Professor Yuri Kivshar, Dr Kirill Koshelev, Dr Sergey Kruk

Metaphotonics and Mie-tronics with resonant dielectric structures

This project will address the recently emerged new platform for nanophotonics based on high-index dielectric nanoparticles that opened a whole new realm of all-dielectric Mie-resonant nanophotonics or Mie-tronics. High-index dielectric nanoparticles exhibit strong interaction with light due to the excitation of electric and magnetic dipolar Mie-type resonances.

Professor Yuri Kivshar, Dr Kirill Koshelev