Distinguished Prof David McClelland

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Department Centre for Gravitational Astrophysics
Research group Centre for Gravitational Astrophysics
Office phone (02) 612 59888
Office Physics North 1 77
Webpage https://cga.anu.edu.au

Prospects of future ground-based gravitational-wave detector network

In this project, we study the gravitational-wave astronomy and astrophysics science cases and observational prospects with future ground-based gravitational-wave observatories.

Dr Lilli (Ling) Sun, A/Prof Bram Slagmolen, Distinguished Prof David McClelland

Vibration control for optical interferometry

Develop an active vibraiton isolation platform to provide a quiet, small displacement environment for high precision inteferometry.

A/Prof Bram Slagmolen, Distinguished Prof David McClelland

Quantum squeezed states for interferometric gravitational-wave detectors

Using non-classical light states on laser interferometric gravitational-wave detectors, to further enhance the best length measurement devices in the world.

Distinguished Prof David McClelland, Professor Daniel Shaddock, A/Prof Bram Slagmolen

Dual torsion pendulum for quantum noise limited sensing

Construct a small dual tosion pendulum which have their centre of mass co-incide and their rotational axis colinear. Inital diagnostics will be done using shadow sensors.

A/Prof Bram Slagmolen, Distinguished Prof David McClelland