Available student project - Effect of nuclear structure on dark matter-nucleus interactions

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Dark matter particle scattering off a nucleus. The nature of this interaction may depend on nuclear structure.

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The DAMA/LIBRA collaboration is the only experiment thus far which claims to have detected a dark matter annually modulating signal. However, several experimental efforts such as XENON100, XMASS, LUX, EDELWEISS and CDMS have excluded the DAMA/LIBRA signal. In addition to these new and continued experimental pursuits, there has been a re-evaluation of the importance of theoretical models in explaining this apparent discrepancy in observed signals - our research lies in this area of study.

We extend on previous work by considering the impact of nuclear structure on the interaction of a dark matter particle with a nucleus. To carry out this investigation, we perform state-of-the-art large scale nuclear shell model calculations for isotopes relevant to dark matter detection experiments. Our current results indicate that nuclear structure and nuclear model choice may impact the overall dark matter-nucleus interaction rate.

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Recommended: Physics of Matter

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