Available student project - Femtosecond laser for ultra-precise cavity drilling in modern dentistry

Research fields

Cavities performed by femtosecond laser in a tooth.

Project details

The femtosecond laser system developed by our team allows pain free laser tooth cutting and is able to deliver the next technological advance in dentistry. Femtosecond lasers can drill through all types of materials such as enamel, dentine, ceramics and fillings. Femtosecond lasers offer irrigation-free and anaesthetic-free dentistry and a level of precision unmatched by current dental ablation devices. Removing the fear of needles, drills, pain and combined with the use of device's real time assistive diagnostics it will prevent unnecessary tooth removal.

Femtosecond laser dentistry promises a revolutionary solution benefiting dental health. Offering unprecedented precision and selectivity, dentists will perform anaesthetic free treatments revitalising dentistry and attitudes toward oral health.

And speaking about getting the teeth treated in a remote area, how about going as far as 384 400 km? 

Future Moon to Mars mission is anticipated to take at least three years, and it is highly likely that crew members will need to undergo dental procedures while in flight. The use of open dental handpiece that rotates 300,000 times per minute would be prohibitive in space due to distribution of dislodged tooth structure and cooling water throughout the cabin. This is where USP laser dentistry may come really handy.

During this experimental project the student will be expected to develop the following skills:

Experimental skills in ultrafast laser interaction with matter;
Laser processing of biological materials;
Scanning electron microscopy;
Computer-control of hardware;
Analysis and interpretation of data;
Working as part of a team in a dynamic laboratory environment

Further information

Required background

This project, which requires solid knowledge in optics, laser biologie and in material science. Masters in optics, lasers and material science is desired before continuing to a PhD study. Interest in the basics of laser-matter interactions, lasers, biologie, dentistry, and human health.  Laser Safety course will be mandatory.

Project suitability

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