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meriSTEM is an ANU initiative providing online learning resources and support to Australian senior secondary science teachers and students. We cater to senior physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth and environmental science.

The program is free and is made up of the video, worksheet, quiz and other contributions from many academics and students. We welcome everyone to be involved.

Undergrad research and internship projects offer students a chance to be a member of the meriSTEM team.

Project topics negotiable, have a chat with us!

Content module creation

The best way to master a topic is to teach it. Learn some science communication skills and master a topic by creating videos and learning resources for high school students. All topics related to the year 11/12 curriculum available. Waves? mechanics? astrophysics? the universe? acidity? biodiversity? tectonics? archaeology? trigonometry? You name it.

Statistics of learning

Develop an understanding of state systems, national and international diagnostic and standardised science tests to determine how meriSTEM resources affect a change in the classroom, and the benefits of this change to students.

Back-of-the-class observer

Every science lesson, teacher, student group, time of day, classroom is different. So how do you objectively compare science classes? Discover what tools or frameworks exist, and how best can we observe, measure and compare science teaching styles and strategies?

We welcome students from RSPhys and beyond for research projects and internships. We can also facilitate volunteering through the ANU+ program for those interested in contributing on short timescales.

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Science content knowledge for content module creation

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