Available student project - The effect of He irradiation on the microstructure and mechanical properties of W/ W alloys

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This project is a collaboration with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (co-supervisor Dr. Dhriti Bhattacharyya). With a view to understanding the behaviour of W and W alloys under high temperatures (~1000 °C) and He ion irradiation, a series of experiments will be performed, as part of which the samples will first be uniformly radiated with He ions to different doses. This will be done using either a degrader wheel, or the tail end of the ion damage profile at shallow depths. These methods will ensure an approximately uniform damage dose through the thickness of the sample. Focussed ion beam (FIB) instrument will then be used to extract cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy (TEM) samples for microstructural characterization of the defects and He bubbles. The second part of the research will consist of measuring the changes in the mechanical testing of the irradiated material by using techniques such as nanoindentation and in situmicromechanical testing. The results of the mechanical tests after irradiation can then be correlated to the microstructural changes due to irradiation.

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