Available student project - Particle simulation of dual frequency processing plasmas

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Microelectronic chips are fabricated using plasma processing of their surfaces to create transistors (FINFETs), capacitors and multilevel junctions. One of the most difficult processes is the etching of dielectrics for contacts where holes of 20 nano-metres diameter have to be fabricated having lengths of up to a micrometre. Dual frequency plasma systems are used: high frequency of a few 10s of Megahertz to create the plasma and active species and high power (50kW) low frequency (< 1 MHz) generators to create electric field to accelerate positive ions down the holes to sputter the bottom. (Diggy diggy hole….). We have developed simple Particle in Cell codes to simulate both the plasma creation and ion acceleration that can be applied directly to industrial processes.

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A background in Physics or Engineering is desirable.

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