Available student project - Introduction to quantum integrable systems

Research fields

Heisenberg spin chain

Project details

Quantum integrable systems play a very important role in many fields of theoretical physics like quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, string theory, etc. This project aims to study their basic properties. One-dimensional Heisenberg model of interacting spins is one of the basic nontrivial examples of such systems. Despite the seeming simplicity it reveals a highly nontrivial mathematical structure which eventially led to a discovery of quantum groups. This mathematical structure reveals itself in terms of a special master equation for structural constants of the theory, the Yang-Baxter equation. A study of solutions of this equation led to major breakthroughs in many areas of physics and mathematics including knot theory, string theory, condensed matter physics, etc.

Required background

PHYS2013, PHYS3001, MATH3351

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Mangazeev, Vladimir profile