Available student project - Coherent control of quantum-mechanical systems

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Quantum control strategies, that make use of tailored ultrashort laser pulses, can manipulate a great variety of physical and chemical properties of matter. One can try, for example, to alter function of bio-molecules, form new molecular structures, or optimize charge transfer in molecules that more efficient solar sells can be created. Speed of information processing in computers can be increased if we understand how electric current in nanometer-scale circuitry can be manipulated. Applications range from basic research, non-linear optics, materials processing, quantum computing, control of chemical reactions. From the computational point of view, the problem consists in finding the laser pulse parameters such that quantum evolution of the system in the presence of this pulse, which is described by the time-dependent Schrödinger equation, guides the system from an initial quantum state to a desired final quantum state with high efficiency. This problem can be quite computationally challenging even for simple quantum-mechanical systems. To implement it in practice, one has to develop efficient methods of the solution of the quantum mechanical evolutionary equations, and advanced numerical algorithms.

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Interest in quantum physics, atomic and molecular physics, theory and practice of numerical calculations.

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