Available student project - Optical sensors for inertial navigation

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A prototype fibre optic gyroscope

Project details

Inertial navigation systems are critical for the measurement of heading and position used for GPS unassisted navigation. Sensors, such as optical gyroscopes, represent the current state-of-the-art in terms of sensitivity and are ubiquitous to most high-performance commercially available navigation systems. With the recent developments in autonomous vehicles, the development of sensors for inertial navigation systems has pushed toward developing high performance sensors able to maintain a low per unit cost. 

In this project, we combine optical interferometry with real-time digital signal processing using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to develop high performance, low cost fibre optic gyroscopes.  By introducing a layer of digitally controlled optical coherence, we are able to circumvent several technical limits which restrict the development of current optical gyroscopes.

This project works towards developing a commercially viable prototype in conjunction with industry partners. The project can be tailored to be focused on engineering development or towards exploratory aspects of the research area.

Required background

Students will require a background in optics. Prior knowledge of fibre optics and/or digital signal processing is useful but not required.

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