Master of Science in Quantum Technology

The Master of Science in Quantum Technology equips students with the skills required for a career in the emerging quantum industry

Quantum technologies such as computing, metrology and communications have the potential to vastly change society, as they cause a transition to the Quantum Age. By exploiting quantum phenomena, society altering technologies such as unbreakable cryptography or exponentially faster computers are poised to become accessible. Recently, many of the technologies have matured to the point that a commercial quantum industry is emerging. This has been met with huge investments from government and industry both domestically and internationally.

Prepare yourself to lead the quantum revolution

The coming Quantum Age will require a new technically skilled workforce to shape the quantum revolution and serve the needs of this new and rapidly evolving industry, while the impact of quantum technologies will demand responses from knowledgeable individuals within government, defence, finance, professional services and related sectors. The Master of Science in Quantum Technology degree will equip graduates with the required skills and knowledge of the scientific, technical, business and societal aspects to be highly competitive in the emerging quantum industries of the present day and the future.

Career opportunities

This masters degree specialising in quantum technology will provide you with the necessary skills to pursue a career at the forefront of the emerging quantum industry, including quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum metrology, policy surrounding quantum technologies or further study. ANU has a strong reputation in the field of quantum science, meaning our graduates are highly sought-after and go on to find interesting careers in a range of areas. A Master of Science in Quantum Technology (Advanced) can also lead to a PhD.

Further enquiries

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