Applied topology and geometry group

Department of Fundamental & Theoretical Physics

Motions of crystalline bar-joint frameworks

Periodic frameworks, viewed as simple mechanisms, can be rigid or display a variety of exotic deformation properties such as surface modes or expansive auxetic motion. This project will conduct a systematic search for frameworks with these properties. 

Dr Vanessa Robins

Mathematical making

Explore the geometry and symmetries of surfaces and other mathematical objects and explore their relevance in physical, chemical and biological contexts. 

Dr Vanessa Robins

Topological Crystallography: Graphs and surfaces with symmetry

What are the underlying geometric and topological properties of periodic structures that guarantee large and stable porosity in nano-porous crystalline materials required for gas storage and efficient catalysis?

Dr Vanessa Robins

Topological data analysis

A range of projects are available applying and developing the tools of topological data analysis. Data include 2D and 3D images, structural motifs in molecular-dynamics simulations, and porous materials. 

Dr Vanessa Robins

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