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Training in Theoretical Physics develops creative skills as well as a strong adaptivity by enhancing capacities in utilising STEM techniques and tools to solve problems. Such skills are important in an ever changing world.


ANU offers unmatched access to real scientific research projects as early as first year for students enrolled in our world class PhB program. Projects are also available for undergraduate students in 3rd year and honours.

Our department currently has available hands on research projects suited to undergraduate students of the following types:

PhD or MSc

Research based training in theoretical physics provides valuable skills for a multitude of career pathways: academia, banking and finance, big data, medical research, teaching, scientific journalism, high tech industry, policy design, IT, science adviser. Find a research project with us.

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Masters Degree

A Master of Science in Theoretical Physics (MScTP) has been developed to offer advanced training in theoretical physics. The MScTP brings domestic and international students to the cutting edge of research in an interactive training environment. It covers theories such as quantum field theory and general relativity, that are at the forefront of modern research. Drawing on world leading expertise from the ANU Research School of Physics, this program provides the techniques and skills necessary for a bright future in research or related careers in education, science and industry.

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Summer Schools

The Department is also in charge of the Canberra International Physics Summer School that bring together Australian and international students to learn about cutting edge research in physical sciences. The School is an exciting opportunity to improve your knowledge in physics and meet inspiring academics from Australia and around the world.

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