School meetings for 2014

Thursday 27 February 2014

School Planning Day
Friday 11 April

Founder's Day
Friday 17 October

School Forum

  • Friday 7 March
  • Friday 6 June
  • Friday 5 September
  • Friday 5 December

Heads of Departments meetings

  • Friday 7 February
  • (Forum Friday 7 March)
  • Friday 4 April
  • Friday 2 May
  • (Forum Friday 6 June)
  • Friday 4 July
  • Friday 1 August
  • (Forum Friday 5 September)
  • Friday 3 October
  • Friday 7 November
  • (Forum Friday 5 December)


Mrs Andrea Butler
T: (02)61257100

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Ion modeller has an eye on the prize

Kasimir Gregory has been named as a Finalist in the 7News Young Achiever Awards NSW & ACT – Western Sydney University Academic Achievement Award. Kasimir is a post-doctoral fellow in the Materials Physics Department, working on the behaviour of salts in solutions. “There are millions...

Self-powered nanosensors set to revolutionise healthcare and environmental monitoring

A new miniscule nitrogen dioxide sensor could help protect the environment from vehicle pollutants that cause lung disease and acid rain. The sensor is an array of nanowires, in a square one fifth of a millimetre per side, which means it could be easily incorporated into a silicon chip. It also needs...

Physicists serve up light with a twist

Physicists have created a laser that generates spiralling light, emitted by a surface with thickness a mere fraction of a human hair. Light with a spiral – i.e. rotating polarisation – has been created before, but only in large bulky apparatuses. However, this new flat-optics device is so tiny...

Academy of Science medals for Department of Material Physics

Two members of the Materials Physics Department have won prestigious medals in the 2022 Australian Academy of Science Honorific Awards. Director of the Research School of Physics, Professor Tim Senden has been awarded the Ian Wark Medal and Lecture, and Professor Dick Henley has won the Haddon Forrester...