Megavolts Episode 4 - The Search for Dark Matter

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Episode 4 of Megavolts finds us in the HIAF experimental hall looking for dark matter with Dr Lindsey Bignell.   Actually, it’s a practice run, using neutrons instead: dark matter detections are likely to be so rare that we need to have the detectors well and truly tested before we begin live experiments.

Since this interview was shot the SABRE south experiment has been opened in a gold mine in regional Victoria and so the knowledge from Lindsey’s experiments is being put into practice.

For more behind the scenes info about HIAF – the Heavy-Ion Accelerator Facility – and the Department of Nuclear Physics and Accelerator Applications, visit our online tour. It features 360 degree photos, popups with interesting details, and students and staff dropping in to explain what you’re looking at.


Dr Lindsey Bignell
T: (02)61259626

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