Public Lecture

Fifty years of Lasers and a brilliant future

Hans Bachor

All of us use lasers, all of us rely on lasers when we communicate, watch a video, drive a car or need medical help. One hundred years ago these possibilities were unheard of - just ideas in the mind of a few. Fifty years ago the first laser sent out the first pulse of light. Now it is one of the technologies underlying a vast range of different activities and devices.

Come along for a night of laser activities and discover why lasers are so powerful! Hans Bachor, an internationally recognised scientist, will return to Questacon to explore the invention, development and future of lasers. The crash team from the Australian Federal Police will also share how they use lasers in crash investigations.

This is an adults only event. Admission is free however, bookings are essential. Phone 02 6270 2949 or email

Light refreshments and drinks will be available for purchase.


Professor Hans Bachor

Professor Hans-Albert Bachor is the Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum-Atom Optics (ACQAO), a national centre to study atoms and light at the quantum level and to explore options for future quantum technologies.

He received his diploma and doctorate in Physics from the University of Hannover, Germany. He was attracted to Australia in 1981 by the Australian National University where he has been teaching Physics at all levels with great enthusiasm and success.

He established a widely known group for optics and explores the possibilities of harnessing the quantum nature of light. He has pioneered techniques for sensitive measurements beyond the quantum noise limit, for optical sensors, interferometers, optical communication or data storage. He currently investigates the spatial quantum properties of laser beams. He worked and taught many times in the USA, Germany, Denmark and France and has introduced and trained many young scientists to Australia.

He holds many academic awards and distinctions, including the Humboldt Research Prize, Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK) and Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) and the Optical Society of America (OSA). He is recipient of the Walter Boas medal and the Award for achievements to Physics from the AIP.

He is active in his local community, a charter member of the local Rotary Club and chairman of the National Youth Science Forum in Australia.

Date & time

Fri 19 Nov 2010 6pm – Tue 30 Nov -0001


Lecture Theatre 1, Questacon


Staff, students and public welcome


02 6270 2949