Departmental Seminar

ANU Plastic Neutron Shield Material

Mr Alan Cooper
Department Nuclear Physics

The installation of the LINAC began in 1994 and by late 1995 the question of radiation doors was raised. The department had some old Boronated Paraffin Wax stored on site. At first it was thought that this material could be used but subsequent tests proved it to be unsuitable. During the somewhat unpleasant testing phase I became interested in using other Hydrocarbon materials, particularly those that are mechanically strong between 0 and 50 degrees C. Thermo and Thermosetting plastics met these requirements and a combination of both types allowed the construction of relatively light but strong composite doors. Advantages, development and production are discussed along with later small unique shields made in latter years both in our laboratory and overseas. Locally known as Cooperite this mixture of common materials has proven to be very effective. I call it ANU Plastic Neutron Shield.   

Date & time

Mon 10 Feb 2014, 11am–12.30pm


Nuclear Physics Seminar Room Building 57, West end of Garran Road


Staff, students and public welcome