Light-matter interfaces for quantum information and sensing at ARL

Dr Fredrik Fatemi
Branch Chief for Quantum Sciences at the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

This talk will provide an overview of our research in quantum information science and sensing at DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory. Our efforts focus on optical cavities and nanophotonics as efficient interfaces to atoms and materials for quantum memories and sensors. Examples of interfaces we study include Rydberg atoms coupled to microwave resonators for sensitive RF detection, atoms coupled to optical nanofibers for long-range interactions in 1D waveguides, and cold atoms coupled to optical ring cavities for multiplexed quantum memory.

Dr. Fredrik Fatemi is the Branch Chief for Quantum Sciences at the US Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, MD. Within ARL, he oversees a portfolio of research in quantum sensing and networks. He received his PhD from the University of Virginia in molecular cluster physics, and then did an NRC postdoctoral fellowship at NIST-Gaithersburg on ultracold atomic collisions. Dr. Fatemi joined ARL after working at the Naval Research Laboratory for 15 years, where he conducted research in atomic, molecular, and optical physics. He continues active research programs in nanophotonics, strong light-matter interactions, and atomic physics.

ARL is the parent organisation of the Army Research Office (ARO) and includes all of the Army’s internal
R&D and technical services.

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Mon 8 Aug 2022, 11am–12pm


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