Departmental Seminar

Multimaterial 3d printing

Associate Professor Luke Connal
Research School of Chemistry, ANU

True Multimaterial 3d printing is hard. At a new start up from ANU – Spark 3D – we are tackling this this challenge. The presentation will outline the technical challenges and benefits of the Spark 3d system. We will demonstrate true multimaterial printing, from metals, semiconductors, conducting polymers and insulators. Resolution down to 25 microns I currently achieved. We will demonstrate how this technology could compete with vapor phase deposition and ink jet techniques to create functional devices. We are looking for beta testers of the new printer, which we believe can create devices faster and easier than current techniques. 

Luke Connal is an Associate Professor Lecturer at the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University (ANU). He received his PhD at the University of Melbourne and post-doctoral work at the University of California Santa Barbara. His research program is in the design of advanced polymeric materials for applied systems. He, along with cofounder Jekaterina Viktorova have recently spun out a company from ANU.

Date & time

Wed 15 Dec 2021, 11am–12pm


Zoom details. Meeting ID: 871 4677 0129; Password: 557025


Members of RSPE welcome