Departmental Seminar

The cubic fixed point at large N

Mr Damon Binder

By coupling N 3d Ising models together, we can induce a renormalization group flow to the cubic fixed point at large distances. When N=3 this fixed point governs the second order phase-transition of real magnets, as the atomic lattice breaks the O(3) symmetry of the Heisenberg model down to a cubic subgroup. In this talk we solve the cubic fixed point at large N. We do so by generalizing the techniques used to study vector-like large N theories to the case where the initially unperturbed theory is an interacting conformal field theory. Using conformal bootstrap results for the 3d Ising model, we are able to compute the leading large N corrections to critical exponents in the cubic fixed point.

Date & time

Wed 3 Mar 2021, 11am–12pm



Oliphant Seminar Room (Lv4.414)


Members of RSPE welcome