Workshop on Strongly Coupled Light-Matter Interactions: Models and Applications

This workshop aims to bring together researchers on theoretical and experimental aspects of strongly coupled light-matter interactions. This topic is enjoying strong interest in quantum optics and condensed matter physics, as well as in interdisciplinary related fields. On one hand, the ultra-strong and deep-strong coupling regimes have been reached experimentally in different platforms and devices. On the other hand, the physical and mathematical understanding of fundamental models of qubits interacting with light fields has deepened due to the development of analytic solutions and progress in capturing the wave functions accurately for all regimes. Such progress has opened the door to some fascinating interplay between physics, mathematics and technology. 

The workshop is the continuation of a series of workshops on strongly coupled light-matter interactions. It aims to gather researchers working in this area to present recent developments and to further consolidate work in this promising and technologically important research area.

Organisers (International): M. Batchelor, D. Braak, Q.-H. Chen, H.-G. Luo, E. Solano, H. Zheng

Organisers (Local): Murray Batchelor, Devid Ferri, David Tilbrook, Zimin Li

This workshop has been supported by the Australian Research Council, the Department of Theoretical Physics and Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical.

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Tue Oct 1

Wed Oct 2







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Talk details

John Bartholomew (University of Sydney): Quantum technologies based on nanophotonic resonators coupled to rare-earth ions

Jevon Longdell (University of Otago): "Ultrastrong" coupling between a microwave resonator and a collective resonance in a rare earth antiferromagnet

Qing-Hu Chen (Zhejiang University, China): Quantum Rabi–Stark model: solutions and exotic energy spectra

Jie Peng (Xiangtan University, China): Unified superradiant phase transitions

Nathan Langford (University of Technology, Sydney): Digital quantum Rabi simulators: an experimental platform for applications of ultrastrong coupling

Yu-Yu Zhang (Chongqing University, China): Coherent-squeezed-state approach to quantum Rabi model

Stefan Kirchner (Zhejiang University, China): Quantum and classical liquids in a model of annealed disorder

Daniel Braak (Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart): The Bargmann space approach to quantum optics

Arne Grimsmo (University of Sydney): Cavity QED with Majorana bound modes

Honggang Luo (Lanzhou University, China): Polaron picture in the light-matter interaction

Juan Pablo Dehollain (University of Technology, Sydney): Breaking the rotating wave approximation with a single-electron spin qubit

Poster session

Cahit Kargi (UTS): Discretisation effects in circuit-QED-based digital quantum simulators

Fàbio Henriques (UTS): Digital simulation of the quantum Rabi model phase transition in circuit QED

Devid Ferri (ANU): The asymmetric quantum Rabi model and circuit QED

Zimin Li (ANU): Level statistics in the anisotropic quantum Rabi model

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