Culture and Inclusion Officers – Call for Expression of Interest

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol46 Issue19 17–21 May 2021

Culture and Inclusion Officer role statement 

Role description   
Culture and Inclusion Officers (CIOs) are a point of contact for members of RSPhys to approach to help navigate the support and services available within the School and University. They are not a replacement for ANU Support Services or for staff supervisors. Rather, they will be an additional resource for people to use in finding where they can go if they have any issues related to working within RSPhys, especially with regard to gender, disability, race, religion, LGBTQI+ or any other reason.  

CIOs are visible members of our working environment that volunteer their knowledge and skills to further Physics as an inclusive, diverse and welcoming environment for all people. They will self-nominate for the role and their appointment is recommended by the co-Chairs of the Physics Equity and Diversity Committee to the Director for approval, and will be renewed annually.   

CIOs will be available to Physics staff and students to raise any personal or structural concerns that fall under the broad heading of Equity and Diversity. The CIOs will help the person identify the next steps to take, but are not there to provide direct support. Rather, their role is one of facilitation in navigating the correct pathway to support. All discussions between staff and CIOs are to be strictly confidential. 

CIOs will have a standard set of training completed before they are included in the network (in some cases where the CIO has extensive existing expertise/experience this may be waived by the Chair of the EDC).  Initial appointment will be for two years, with a review after that time.  

Key Responsibilities and Attributes 

  • Be available for approach for those seeking support  
  • Be respectful and compassionate 
  • Respect the privacy of those that approach them  
  • Promote and support equal opportunity and diverse and inclusive policies  
  • Act as a source of information of the range of support services available  
  • Perform the role in a manner that is consistent with the mandatory training  
  • Participate in debriefing and sharing activities amongst the CI’s  

Required training  

  • Equal Opportunity Online  
  • Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence  
  • Pulse module: Indigenous culture 
    - Core Module 01: Thinking About Cultures and Identities 
    - Core Module 02: My Country, Our Country 
    - Core Module 03: History Lives in Us  

Recommended additional training 

  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Pulse Modules Ally Training   
  • Pulse module - Sexual Harassment  
  • Pulse module: Indigenous culture 
    - Further modules  

Nomination Process

  1. Self-nominees are to email Chairs of the Equity and Diversity Committee (EDC). 
  2. The self-nominees will meet with members of the EDC to discuss the CIO role further, and to establish a community of practice. 
  3. Members of the EDC will meet to identify gaps in CIOs with reference to location, representative diversity, and type of role in the School (e.g., staff, student)

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