Public Lecture

Proton Therapy: Precision Cancer Therapy for our Region

Michael Penniment
Director of Radiation Oncology at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

The development of the Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research

The Australian Bragg Centre will commence construction in Adelaide next year and will open for treatment by 2022. It will immediately become the most advanced particle therapy centre in the world and the first clinical facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

The talk will cover:
• What is proton therapy?
• Why is it the best treatment for some types of cancer?
• Who will benefit?
• Why is it already improving the coordination of cancer care in Australia?

The tremendous spins offs, beyond patient benefits, in particular to our scientific community and avenues for research, training and employment will be discussed.

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Date & time

Mon 19 Nov 2018, 7pm



Finkel Lecture Theatre


Members of RSPE welcome