Public Lecture

Interstellar Journeys: Within a Human Lifetime: Possibilities and Practicalities

Dr Peter J Riggs
Department of Quantum Science
Australian National University

Can we travel to the distant stars when the distances are so vast? Will such interstellar journeys ever be possible in a single human lifetime? If so, how might we be able to do this? Would Einstein's Relativity be of assistance in making interstellar journeys? This lecture will generally explain what is involved in interstellar travel and by what means it might be done.

Dr Peter J Riggs is a physicist and a philosopher of science at the Australian National University. He is a leading researcher on the nature of time and the foundations of physics. Dr Riggs has published several academic articles relevant to this topic as well as the books: Quantum Causality (Springer Academic, 2009) and Whys and Ways of Science (Melbourne University Press, 1992).

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Thu 20 Sep 2018, 6–7pm



Finkel Theatre


Members of RSPE welcome


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