Frontiers on Quantum Matter Workshop

Quantum Many-Body Approaches in Chemistry and Physics

The goal of this cross-disciplinary workshop is to discuss well established methods as well as recent developments on theoretical approaches to the quantum many-body problem. It will bring together scientists from various fields where the non-relativistic quantum many-body problem is central, including quantum chemistry, atomic and molecular physics, cold atoms, and nuclear physics.

A non-exhaustive list of possible topics includes Hartree-Fock method and beyond, time-dependent mean-field and beyond, stochastic mean-field, density functional theory, effective field theory, configuration mixing, generator-coordinate method, Bose-Einstein condensates, BCS superfluidity, residual interaction and symmetry breaking, correlations in many-body states, etc.

The emphasis of the talks will be on the methods more than on their applications in different subfields. The talks will be informal, with plenty of time for discussion.

Preliminary list of speakers:

  • Piotr Deuar (Polish Academy of Science)
  • Nicola Gaston (U Auckland)
  • Peter Gill (ANU)
  • Jacinda Ginges (UQ)
  • Sean Hodgman (ANU)
  • Anatoli Kheifets (ANU)
  • Patrick McGlynn (ANU)
  • Joshua Machacek (ANU)
  • Ellen McRae (ANU)
  • Elena Ostrovskaya (ANU)
  • Elke Pahl (Massey U)
  • Cedric Simenel (ANU)
  • Andrew Truscott (ANU)
  • Angela White (ANU)
  • Henryk Witek (National Chiao Tung U)

The workshop starts Monday 17 Dec at 9.15am and ends Friday 21 Dec, with talks scheduled in the morning from Monday to Thursday.
Morning tea as well as lunch will be provided from Monday to Thursday.
A workshop dinner will be organised Thursday 20 Dec evening. 

More information

Date & time

Mon 17 Dec 2018 – Fri 21 Dec 2018



Oliphant Seminar Room (414)


Members of RSPE welcome