Departmental Seminar

Nuclear structure studies using CAGRA gamma-ray spectrometer at RCNP, RIKEN, and JAEA

Professor Eiji Ideguchi
RCNP, Osaka University

Some topics of nuclear structure studies at RCNP, Osaka University, RIKEN RIBF, and Tandem accelerator facility in JAEA will be presented.

At RCNP, a cyclotron facility is utilized for various nuclear structure studies. There are mainly two beam lines used for these studies. One is EN beam line where unstable nuclear beams can be produced by utilizing projectile fragmentation reactions. The other is WS beam line where high-resolution spectrometer, Grand Raiden, is available. Recently, we have started CAGRA project to combine Ge Clover array (CAGRA) with EN and Grand Raiden spectrometer. First CAGRA campaign experiment at EN beam line and next campaign at Grand Raiden has been successfully completed.

At RIBF, world highest-intensity RI beams are available using BigRIPS fragment separator. A number of in beam gamma-ray spectroscopy experiments are performed using NaI based array DALI2 and also experiments using stopped RI beams utilizing EURICA gamma-ray spectrometer were performed. In addition, superheavy element search experiments have been performed and new element, Z=113, was successfully identified. Some experimental results at RIBF will be introduced. In addition, a new project, OEDO, has been started at SHARAQ beam line by CNS, the University of Tokyo, where low-energy RI beams will be used for gamma-ray spectroscopy. In this project, CAGRA spectrometer can be combined with OEDO to perform high-spin gamma-ray spectroscopy of unstable nuclei.

There is another plan to perform CAGRA campaign experiment at the tandem accelerator facility in JAEA, Tokai. A program using Es target to study fission, chemistry, and nuclear structure is on-going. We plan to perform in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy using the Es target and the CAGRA spectrometer.

In this seminar, recent results and future prospects of CAGRA project will be discussed.

Date & time

Mon 23 Apr 2018, 11am–12.30pm





Members of RSPE welcome