Departmental Seminar

Fission dynamics in the Super Heavy Nuclei

Dr Dr Kaushik Banerjee
Department of Nuclear Physics
Australian National University


Search for the new elements has been one of the major area of research activity in physics and chemistry over last few decades. Elements up to 294Og (Z = 118) have been synthesized successfully using fusion evaporation route, where either double magic nuclei 208Pb (in the synthesis of Z = 104 -113) or 48Ca (Z = 114 - 118) were extensively used due to extra stability achieved from their spherical shell structure. But for the synthesis of elements beyond Z=118, 48Ca beam can no longer be used as in that case the other reaction partner required would be highly radioactive and currently impossible to produce in sufficient quantities.

So it is extremely important to understand the reaction dynamics and its dependence on entrance channel parameters like shell structure, isospin asymmetry and ground state deformation of the reaction partners. A systematic study has been carried out in the super heavy region Z = 102 – 106, to understand the fission dynamics, details of which will be presented during the talk.

Date & time

Mon 5 Mar 2018, 11am–12pm



Nuclear Physics Seminar Room


Members of RSPE welcome