Making Connections Workshop

Shannon Notley

Researchers are increasingly busy with competing
demands on their time. The competitive landscape
has also made attracting research funding a time
consuming and too often fruitless challenge. It is
critical that researchers are able to grab the
attention of the right people within industry or
government to develop partnerships, however,
many researchers are unsure of how to take the
first steps. If you identify with these statements and want to
try another way, then this workshop is for you.

Shannon Notley left the academic world after more
than 15 years as a researcher to found a startup in
cooling batteries and computers with FlexeGRAPH.
This background gives Shannon an insight into
common myths and missteps when attempting to
span the researcher-industry divide. In this highly
practical workshop, he will share his experiences
and methods for enhancing connections to the
right contacts, adding value to your partner and
ultimately asking for funding. His approach is
repeatable and time efficient reducing the
networking activity to just minutes, ideal for time
and resource poor researchers.

Please email to register your interest for this event.

Date & time

Wed 14 Mar 2018, 9.30am–12.30pm



RSPE Seminar Room (414)


Members of RSPE welcome