Departmental Seminar

Advances in and Novel Applications of FTIR Chemical Imaging Microscopy - Simultaneous spatial and chemical information at the micron level

Dr Mustafa Kansiz
Agilent Technologies Australia

FTIR spectroscopy is a powerful characterisation technique, revealing detailed chemical and structural information in minutes from a variety of sample forms, ranging from solid materials, liquids (aqueous & organic), thin films (as thin as mono-layers), through to gaseous samples. When coupled with an FTIR microscope, in particular one with a 2-dimensional infrared Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector which enables true “chemical imaging”, these abilities are then achievable with simultaneous spatial information down to

Examples of this approach, using new “high mag” optics and ultra-high power objectives will be demonstrated across a range of application areas.

Date & time

Thu 19 Oct 2017, 2–3.30pm



Seminar Room 1 (Rm 3.377)


Members of RSPE welcome