Departmental Seminar

Applications of ordered and disordered optical materials in optoelectronics

Professor Hernán Míguez
Visiting Fellow, Macquarie University and
Institute of Materials Science of Seville (Spanish National Research Council), Spain

In this talk, I will discuss on different optimized light harvesting or emission strategies that make use of nanoparticle based optical materials integrated in optoelectronic devices. Approaches based on the inclusion of dielectric and metal particles, periodically textured surfaces or distributed Bragg reflectors will be presented, and the different scattering or near field enhancement effects involved discussed. The interplay between the electrical and optical properties of the devices will also be addressed. Examples of the application on actual photovoltaic devices (perovskite and dye sensitized film based) and light emitting coatings (rare earth nanophosphor based) will be provided.

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Date & time

Tue 8 Aug 2017, 11am–12pm



Le Couteur Seminar (L3.17)


Members of RSPE welcome