School Seminar Program

Toward Integrated Mid-infrared Photonic Devices: Material Sciences and Technical Challenges

Khu Vu

Dr Khu Vu
Laser Physics Centre

Chalcogenide and tellurite glasses have some remarkable optical properties which are well recognised for mid-infrared planar waveguide devices. They include wide mid-infrared transparency, high optical nonlinearity, and excellent rare earth hosting, etc. These properties are crucial not only for passive components but also active components such as lasers and amplifiers on integrated circuit. In this presentation, the material sciences and fabrication challenges are outlined and discussed. Some of breakthrough results recently achieved at LPC are also presented. For instance, the first low loss tellurite waveguide and the first ever erbium-doped tellurium oxide waveguide amplifiers with 2.8 dB/cm gain and waveguide lasers will be presented. Hybrid structures of chalcogenide and tellurite to combine the strengths of various materials are also investigated. These results are important first steps in “system-on-chip” optical applications for telecom and mid-infrared optics.  

Khu Vu received the B.Sc. degree from Monash University in 2002 and the B.Sc. degree (Hons.) from the ANU in 2003. He graduated with M.Phil. degree in 2006 from the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), the University of Southampton, where he worked on development of high power pulse fibre laser amplifiers. He has recently received the Ph.D. qualification at the Laser Physics Centre from his work on tellurite waveguide. He is working as a postdoctoral research fellow on tellurite and chalcogenide integrated photonic devices.

Refreshments will be provided in the RSPE tearoom following the seminar. ALL WELCOME

Date & time

Thu 19 Jul 2012, 4–5pm


Leonard Huxley Theatre


Staff, students and public welcome