Final PhD Seminar

On-chip generation and characterization of quantum states of light

Mr James Titchener

Today the photonics market is directly worth around $200 billion, and uses the classical properties light to enable a huge range of applications. Increasingly the counter-intuitive properties of quantum light are also being studied and considered for their potential for fundamentally new applications such as quantum communication, computation, and quantum enhanced precision measurement. Previously these concepts were practically impossible to realize because the traditional way of manipulating light, in free space with bulk optics, was too unstable to preserve complex quantum states, and difficult to scale to highly complex systems. However, with the development of integrated photonics there is now a stable and scalable and highly precise platform for controlling light at the single photon level.

In this talk I will present my study on the generation and characterization of quantum states of light in integrated platforms. I will present new methods for producing tailored two-photon quantum states in nonlinear chips, and show how these states can be used for quantum computation. Then I will present some new approaches for the efficient characterization of quantum states, showing how to measure unknown multi-photon quantum states in a highly scalable way. 

Date & time

Tue 11 Apr 2017, 2–3pm



Link Seminar Room 414


Members of RSPE welcome