Departmental Seminar

Seminar-Polarization Information Engineering: Processing and Detection

Professor Zhongyi Guo
Hefei University of Technology

Because of its special characteristics, recently, polarization techniques have been applied in communications, detections and imaging fields extensively. Here, we have tried to propose a series of solutions for overcoming the restriction problems of polarization imaging. For the fundamental problems of the environmental influence factors on the objective original polarization information that can reflect the target's polarized characteristics in the transmitting and detecting processes, based on the Monte-Carlo simulation, we have built a novel polarization retrieve method to realize the accurate reconstruction of the original polarization information transmitted in the complex dispersive system. For the problems in the directly detecting the full-Stokes-vector of the polarization information, based on the nanophotonics, we have proposed a design of a novel full-Stokes-vector polarization detector with the aids of the theory on modulating the phase by the dielectric metasurface, which can be used as the full-Stokes-vector polarization imaging for the detecting objects.

Date & time

Mon 6 Mar 2017, 2.30–3.30pm



RSPE Link Seminar Room (414)


Members of RSPE welcome