Departmental Seminar

Magnetoplasmon Fano resonance in Bose-Fermi Mixtures

Dr Ivan Savenko
Nonlinear Physics Centre and Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems, Daejeon, South Korea

I will talk about the theoretical study of the magnetoplasmon (cyclotron) resonance in a hybrid system consisting of spatially separated two-dimensional layers of electron and dipolar exciton gases coupled via Coulomb forces. We study the dynamics of this system under the action of a weak alternating external electromagnetic field in the presence of a uniform magnetic field, perpendicular to the layers. We reveal that the electromagnetic power absorption exhibits a double-resonance spectrum. The first resonance is associated with the conventional well-studied magnetoplasmon excitations of the electron gas and it has a standard Lorentzian shape, whereas the second resonance is a peculiarity attributed to the Bose-condensed exciton gas. Further, we explicitly demonstrate that the spectrum of the system exhibits an asymmetric Fano-type profile.

Date & time

Thu 16 Feb 2017, 11am–12pm



Seminar room (L3.17)


Members of RSPE welcome