Departmental Seminar

How to supply hydrocarbon fuels from sources rather than fossil fuels: AM contribution to the state of the art solar thermal syngas fuel production

Mr Masoud Parvanian
Isfahan University of Technology, Esfahan, Iran

We've been working on the development of some advanced reticulated porous ceramic based materials to be used as the catalytic core of the solar reactors which use concentrated solar heat to produce hydrocarbon fuels from H2O and CO2. In this technology, the solar irradiation will be used to split environmental water vapour and carbon dioxide through some catalytic thermochemical reactions to produce syngas (H2 + CO mixture) which will further processed into fuels. As a result we can supply our demand into hydrocarbon fuels from the abundant clean sources while we're capturing and using green gases as well.

Date & time

Fri 9 Sep 2016, 3.15–4.15pm



LeCouteur Seminar Room 3.17


Members of RSPE welcome