Departmental Seminar

Novel materials & methods for making nanoscale gate structures in nanowire transistors

Associate Professor Adam Micolich
School of Physics at UNSW

I will talk about our recent work on advanced gating structures for nanowire transistors. The initial focus will be traditional oxide/metal-based formulations for making horizontal nanowire transistors with multiple, independent wrap-gate segments. I will then look at a more innovative materials approach using electron-beam processible polymer electrolytes as a simple way to enact wrap-gating via mobile ions in the polymer electrolyte. These can be used to enact external 'ionic' doping of nanowires for low temperature applications and be used to build hybrid ionic-electronic circuit elements like inverters with potential for low frequency ion-to-electron transduction for biological sensing applications.

Associate Professor Adam Micolich leads the Nanoelectronic Devices Group at the School of Physics at UNSW. His research interests are in nanoelectronics, quantum transport, and bringing together inorganic and organic materials in nanoscale devices for new functionalities.  

Date & time

Fri 18 Nov 2016, 2–3pm



RSPE Link Seminar Room


Members of RSPE welcome