Departmental Seminar

Atomic structure calculations with applications to astrophysics and cancer therapy

Professor Per Jönsson & Jörgen Ekman
Malmö University, Sweden

The development in computational atomic physics is very rapid. Combined with the power of modern computer systems it is now possible to perform calculations of “spectroscopic accuracy” for many atomic systems. These highly accurate atomic data are essential to interpret observations from space based astronomical observatories. Atomic data are also needed in plasma physics for diagnostic purposes as well as in nuclear physics to extract nuclear data from accurate atomic observations. Massive atomic data sets of lower accuracy are also used for dose modeling related to cancer therapy as well as for extracting data from recoil-in-vacuum experiments.

In this talk we give an overview of the code development activities related to the General Relativistic Atomic Structure Package (GRASP) and give examples of recent applications in astronomy, plasma physics, nuclear physics and cancer therapy.

Date & time

Thu 21 Apr 2016, 11am–12.30pm


NP Seminar Room 57 Garran Road


Staff, students and public welcome