Departmental Seminar

Laser development and integration at the European XFEL User Facility

Dr M. J. Lederer
Leading Scientist for Laser Development
European XFEL GMBH
Albert-Einstein-Ring 19
Hamburg, Germany

The European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser (XFEL) Facility will start commissioning and operation in 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. The majority of the planned experiments during operation of the facility will utilize ultrafast optical lasers for pump-probe-type and other measurements. Therefore, few-cycle, mJ-level pulses at MHz repetition rates are desired with the emission synchronized to the XFEL's burst pattern. Lacking commercial technology to match the requirements, we engaged in a development project in order to have lasers ready in time for user-operation. I will give an overview of the European XFEL project and its scope, followed by some highlights of laser developments for the facility.

All welcome

Date & time

Fri 4 Mar 2016 11am – Thu 4 Feb 2016 12.30pm


RSPE Seminar Room


Staff, students and public welcome