Departmental Seminar

Plasmonic and Dielectric Nanoantennas for Integrated Photonic Circuitry

Mr Yuangqing Yang
Zhejiang University, China

The widespread use of antennas in almost all areas of modern technology plays indispensable roles in our daily life, ranging from satellite communications to cellphones. Nanoantennas, analogues of microwave and radiowave antennas at optical frequencies, have also become a subject of great interest in recent years. Their intriguing properties, which ! can effic iently mediate between localized energy and free-space radiation, offer new possibilities for a growing number of scientific areas, such as spectroscopy, sensing, heat transfer and nonlinear optics. This talk includes our recent work on both plasmonic and dielectric nanoantennas. Different designs such as nanohorns and patch dimers are presented and investigated thoroughly. In particular, we will discuss how to control and functionalize the far-field radiation characteristics of the nanoantennas by exploiting plasmonic and Mie resonances. These studies are expected to open new avenues for upcoming integrated photonic nanocircuitry and optical wireless communications.

Date & time

Thu 25 Feb 2016, 11am–12pm


Oliphant Seminar Room


Staff, students and public welcome