Departmental Seminar

Design, Fabrication, Testing, and Integration of silicon microlens with infrared photo detector

Mr Haijie Zuo
Electrical engineering
Xiamen University

The research I conducted previously mainly focused on an integrated project which involves in silicon microlens and its application on infrared-detector, which we hoped to enhance the sensitivity and reduce the crosstalk of detector. Generally speaking the project consists of four parts including design, fabrication, testing, and integration.

  1. Design: vector modelling (FDTD) of microlens light-field and calculation of its diffraction efficiency, integrated optimization process to find best lens-structure with maximum diffraction efficiency.
  2. Fabrication: realization of multi-step len surface using standard semiconductor process.
  3. Testing: measurement of focal-spot properties (diffraction efficiency, focal length, focal depth…) of microlens using mid-infrared CCD, observation of focal-shift phenomenon in mid-infrared regime.
  4. Integration: integration part was conducted with a cooperative institute, initial result indicated the usefulness of this component.

All welcome

Date & time

Mon 2 Nov 2015, 11am–1pm


RSPE Link Seminar Room


Staff, students and public welcome