Departmental Seminar

Integrated Quantum Photonics using Rare-­‐Earth Ion doped Planar Waveguides

Ms Sara Marzban
Laser Physics Centre / CQC2T - ANU

Final PhD Presentation

Integrated Quantum Photonics using Rare-Earth Ion doped Planar Waveguides

The unique spectral properties of rare earth ion doped crystals are a good motivation for studying them as a suitable quantum system for storing and manipulating light carrying quantum information. For manufacturing and engineering purposes, it is important to study the integration of these structures onto compact planar waveguide devices. It is essential to investigate whether the distinctive properties of rare earths are preserved when moved towards smaller scale devices.

I’ll report the measurement of the inhomogeneous linewidth, homogeneous linewidth and spin state lifetime of Pr3+ ions in a novel waveguide architecture. The TeO2 slab waveguide deposited on a bulk Pr3+:Y2SiO5 crystal allows the 3H4à 1D2transition of Pr3+ ions to be probed by the optical evanescent field that extends into the substrate. The obtained coherent properties indicate that the properties of ions interacting with the waveguide mode are consistent with those of bulk ions. This result establishes the foundation for large, integrated and high performance rare earth ion quantum systems based on a waveguide platform.

All Welcome

Date & time

Mon 19 Oct 2015, 11am–1pm


RSPE Seminar Room - Link / Oliphant Building


Staff, students and public welcome