Public Lecture

Why are we constrained to exist only in the Present Moment?

Dr Peter J. Riggs
Dept of Quantum Science

Time holds us captive in the Present Moment. Although the Present seems to forever 'move forward', we always remain trapped in it. What is the Present? What factors affect the way we perceive the Present and time in general? Would it be possible to escape the Present? This talk will cover relevant aspects of our experience of the Present and explore whether science can explain why we are prisoners of time.

Dr Peter J Riggs is a physicist and philosopher ofscience in the Department of Quantum Science at The Australian National University. He is a leading Australian researcher on the nature of time and the foundations of physics. Dr Riggs's publications include the books: Quantum Causality: Conceptual Issues in the Causal Theory of Quantum Mechanics (Kluwer 2009) and Whys and Ways of Science (MUP 1992).

Date & time

Tue 20 Oct 2015, 6.30–7.30pm


Manning Clarke Lecture Theatre 2


Staff, students and public welcome