Public Lecture

Metamaterials: Invisibility cloaks and bending light

Professor Yuri Kivshar
RSPE Nonlinear Physics Centre
Magic 'mantles of invisibility' have appeared in folk stories through the ages, including a 900-year-old Welsh tale of King Arthur, and in Norse and German fairy tales. Now, new 'metamaterials' have brought invisibility cloaking out of the realm of fiction and into science fact.

With these metamaterials we can achieve many effects previously only imagined in science fiction, including bending light in opposite ways and the creation of invisibility cloaking. Find out more about metamaterials, some recent achievements of researchers in Australia and around the world, and get a glimpse of discoveries yet to be made.

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Date & time

Tue 4 Aug 2015, 5.30–7pm


The Shine Dome, Gordon Street, Canberra, AU


Staff, students and public welcome