Public Lecture

The Big Bang Was it the origin of everything?

Dr Peter J Riggs
Department of Quantum Science

The Big Bang happened nearly 14 billion years ago but what was it? Was the Big Bang the beginning of everything or only of one patch of existence? Cosmologists are unsure. This talk will consider the nature of the Big Bang event and what recent ideas in cosmology might be revealing.

Dr Peter J Riggs is a physicist and philosopher of science in the Department of Quantum Science at The Australian National University. He is a leading Australian researcher on the nature of time and the foundations of physics. Dr Riggs’s publications include the books: Quantum Causality: Conceptual Issues in the Causal Theory of Quantum Mechanics (Kluwer 2009) and Whys and Ways of Science (MUP 1992).

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This lecture is free and open to the public
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Date & time

Wed 21 May 2014, 6.30–7.30pm


Theatre 1 Manning Clark Centre Union Court


Staff, students and public welcome