RSPE Seminar

Adventures in Scientific Publication

Lee Collins

Lee Collins
Associate Editor Physical Review A

The journey of a paper through the review process of a scientific journal can at times seem tortuous, arcane, and arbitrary. However, the underlying procedures instituted by journals are intended to guarantee the technical merit of the published paper and the fairness of the peer review. A better understanding of the basic aspects of this process can assist in a smoother transition from submission to decision. Using Physical Review A as prototypical example, we shall examine the general review process, the enormous impact of electronic publication, the changing nature and scope of the underlying scientific fields and collaborations, and the essential elements of a successful submission.

Dr Lee Collins is a Laboratory Fellow  at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Associate Editor Physical Review A at the American Physical Society.  He gained his PhD at Rice University and is a Fellow of APS and past Chair, APS Division of Computational Physics.

Date & time

Fri 11 Oct 2013, 11am–12pm


RSPE Seminar Room


Staff, students and public welcome